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Allied Healthcare Staffing

MedCadre helps in discovering highly qualified allied healthcare employees from all in-demand specialties and placing them with our associated facilities.

In addition to physicians and nurses, several other medical professionals complete a perfect healthcare system in a facility. Technicians, diagnostic imaging, therapists, pharmacists, technologists, social workers, and several clinical job roles are collectively categorized as allied healthcare. Without these professionals, diagnosis to cure processes will be hard. MedCadre selects and sources qualified individuals based on the specialties needed by our facilities. We help allied healthcare professionals explore great career options and facilities to find the right fit. A win-win situation!

Our Specialties

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Anesthesia technician

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Clinical psychologist

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Social workers

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Surgical technologist

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CT scan (computed tomography scan)

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MRI (magnetic resonance imaging)

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Positron-emission tomography (PET)

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Echo technologist

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Radiologic technologist

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Why Us?

Tailoring trusted hiring procedures for all clinical staffing positions in any of our partnered healthcare institutions by attracting and retaining top talented and qualified individuals. We curate all the jobs available and present them to our job seekers and help organizations bridge the gaps.

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Frequently Asked Questions

MedCadre is providing various perks and privileges that physicians should be granted. We provide PPO health insurance, 401k plans, dental and vision protection schemes, as well as all major life insurance plans. Aside from these essential perks, we provide travel costs and per diem benefits to traveling personnel. Sick leave will be accrued at a rate of one hour every thirty hours worked.

It is a fairly simple process to become traveling allied healthcare professional with MedCadre. Check out our career page to see if there are any opportunities in various specializations and facilities around the country. If you are unable to find a suitable job position, please share your resume with us using the "Submit your CV" link, and a representative of our professional team will contact you for further consideration.

No.  You will have total control over the length of your contract with a facility for your chosen expertise. You can continue if you need to sign long-term commitments. However, if you're looking for a temporary or short-term job, you can perform per-diem or temporary shifts for various institutions. With a proper conversation with one of our representatives, you may make this word extremely evident.

You can get paid straight from our payroll as a MedCadre employee. Depending on the assignment and facility regulations, we process your money either weekly or hourly.

We welcome your referrals for any of our clients. You can suggest us your friends or colleagues who have experience and qualification for any clinical role. You will get up to $2000 if your friend is recruited for one of our partnering facilities and completes 432 paid working hours. Please send a referral here.

We are working hard to establish long-term business partnerships with large hospitals, local clinics, healthcare centers, labs, pharmacies, and other institutions. As a result, your alternatives for working as a physician will be diverse.

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