Why Medcadre

Why Us

Accomplished hundreds of successful placements by investing in the best resources in the industry, ATS software, leading job portals, communication tools, and infrastructure.

why us

Why us

  • You want a partner who invests in your development and provides the finest and most efficient results. Win-win. We invest in access to the top job sites to discover the best candidate for you.
  • Consistent results. We leverage quality assurance (QA) practices to ensure that you get the same great results from every recruiter, and every individual is triple-checked by the recruiter, recruiting manager, and account manager before we make any submissions.
  • We give outstanding value by keeping our back-office workforce overseas and maintaining a low-cost structure.

what are we

What are we!

  • A panel of over 100 professional recruiters. It is not always true that more is better. Better is always preferable. We prefer to employ the best recruiters in terms of expertise, communication, and personality, and empower them with powerful resources, tools, methods, and support so that we amaze our clients every time.
  • Trusted partner for 100+ clients. From Fortune 500 companies to the start-up next door who dreams of going public someday, we have delivered our outstanding services to all our customers and have them coming back for more! Repeat business UP, open job positions DOWN.

highlights of work

Highlights of work

1000+ Successful placements. Many more smiles! We combine the efficiency of having a decade of talented applicants added to our internal database with a rigorous screening and assessment procedure to assist our clients to fill key roles with highly competent employees. The most cost-effective and efficient medical professional recruiting procedure you've ever experienced!

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Perfect medical recruiting partner for you with comprehensive staffing solutions to mitigate the healthcare worker shortages and diverse requirement challenges. Excited to build a dedicated labour force effortlessly? Partner with us!

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why us for healthcare professions

Why us

  • We have invested in major job portals so that you may easily explore a wide selection of career options.
  • Active collaboration with international healthcare corporations to small clinics in providing customized staffing services.
  • Human resource and immigration team that is highly skilled and knowledgeable.
  • Consistent support throughout your tenure, resulting in the greatest work experience imaginable.
  • Trustworthy resources that are devoid of any and all forms of malpractice in the hiring procedure.

what are we

What are we!

  • We are a team of 500+ brilliant individuals dedicated to ensuring the success of your medical career!
  • Offices in California, Toronto, New Delhi, Hyderabad, and Guntur provide 24 hours around the sun service.
  • Every year since 2015, we have been awarded one of the fastest-growing private companies in North America. Entrepreneur Magazine named us one of the top 360 private companies for innovation, growth, culture, leadership, and impact.
  • We are completely compliance-focused and adhere to all client guidelines as well as all governmental regulations, so there is no risk in collaborating with us or any of our facilities.

highlights of healthcare employee benefits

Highlights of benefits

  • We offer PPO health insurance, optional dental, vision, and life insurance.
  • Employees are eligible to join our 401k Plan.
  • Travel expenses and per-diem benefits are available for traveling providers.
  • Earn generous bonus for new employee referrals and recurring bonus for customer referrals.
  • Training and development programs by in-house talents to match current job demands.
  • Various assignments such as contract, per diem, long term, locum tenens, and more.
  • Sick Pay is accrued at the rate of 1 hour for every 30 hours worked. Weekly payment plans available.
  • Basic life insurance provided by the company with the option to extend coverage.
  • HR, Payroll, and Timesheet concerns will be handled by dedicated teams in a timely manner.

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